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Weight management

Whether you need to gain or lose weight for well-being, increased self-confidence or medical reasons Nikki has nutrition solutions that will suit your situation.

Women’s Health

Hormonal fluctuations throughout the lifespan will mean there are times you will need to change the way you eat. PCOS, pregnancy, breast feeding & menopause are all phases that have their special dietary requirements.


Nikki can show you how to plan the timing and the type of food/drink to maximise your training, your race day performance and recovery. By avoiding ‘nutrition fads’ Nikki ensures your nutrition is safe and based on peer-reviewed, scientific fact!


One in six women and one in nine men are reported to suffer with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). Following a low FODMAP diet may help with your symptoms. Nikki also can help you manage your diet if you have diagnosed food allergies.


About Nikki

As a trained dietitian and New Zealand Registered Nutritionist with 20 years of experience, Nikki has helped hundreds of clients achieve their nutritional goals.

She provides individually-tailored menu plans that will ensure realistic, lifelong positive changes in your eating.

Her nutrition services may be eligible for rebates from private health insurance depending on your insurance fund or level of cover. Contact your health insurer to see if you are eligible.

Nikki knows that ‘it’s about what you eat!’ so contact her today for an appointment.

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